What is Right Moment Pics?
Right Moment Pics is an entertaining blog celebrating people’s imagination.

How do I know if my picture or video is appropriate?
Any image or video which is funny, unique, and does not contain anything sexually explicit or offensive can be a good fit for Right Moment Pics.

I submitted a picture, and I haven’t seen it on Right Moment Pics yet?
If your picture is inappropriate or not entertaining, it will not be added to Right Moment Pics. If you just recently submitted the picture, just wait a little more. We receive many submissions, and it can some times take a few weeks to see your photo on Right Moment Pics.

I’m in a picture on Right Moment Pics, and I want it taken down. How do I do that?
If you’re not a fan of your picture, simply email us and we will take it down, no problem. If you like your photo but hate the caption or comment send us an email and we can remove it.

Did you photoshop that picture?
No, we don’t photoshop the pictures. We are lucky that funny moments are captured everyday all over the globe and there is no need to make this stuff up.